ANTON ALGRANG - German/Italian Film and Television Actor

Anton Algrang is a German/Italian Film, Television and Theatre actor well-known for "Valkyrie" (ger. "Operation Walküre - Das Stauffenberg-Attentat") starring opposite Tom Cruise (2008), "The Holy Land Of Tyrol" (ger. "Bergblut") (2010), "Elser - Er hätte die Welt verändert" (2015) and  numerous TV series such as "Franzi" (2008 - 2010), "Tatort", "SOKO Donau/Wien", "Rosenheim Cops", "Der Alte", "SOKO München", etc.

He can currently be seen in "Kripo Bozen" (2016), "Der Staatsanwalt" (2016) and in an upcoming TV movie "Benede" as well as live on stage of the Residenztheater in Munich in "Die Klasse" (2015/2016).

DIETER HERMANN - Austrian Film and Television Actor

DIETER HERMANN is an Austrian Film,Television and Theatre actor.

He played in several musicals directed by well-known directors such as Daniel Pascal ("The Rocky Horror Show", "Hair"), Herbert Prikopa "West Side Story", "Jesus Christ Superstar" and more. He also appeared in numerous TV series such as "Cop Stories", "SOKO Wien/Donau, "Kommissar Rex", complited several workshops in Los Angeles: "Voice Technique" led by Steven Memel, internationally acclaimed American voice & performance coach, a "Film Acting Training for International Actors" in Sam Christensen Studios in North Hollywood, learned from Cherie Franklin, a highly-respected on-set dialogue coach for some of the biggest names in the business, complited "Acting for the Camera" led by M.K. Lewis, one of the most respected acting coaches in the industry and many more. Dieter Hermann is currently working on new movie projects.

DAWN. E ROBINSON - American Film and Television Actor

DAWN. E ROBINSON is an American Film & Television Actor.

She completed numerous acting classes and acting workshops in Los Angeles such as Master Class Scene Study at Tasha Smith's Acting School run by acclaimed actress and master instructor, Tasha Smith, Cold Reading Classes run by Melissa Skoff, one of the most experienced Casting Directors in Hollywood, played in several TV Commercials (Custom Ink, Optimum Cable, etc) and appeared in numerous Reality TV Shows such as Millionaire Matchmaker and I Dream of NeNe.