Building a bridge between Hollywood and Europe ...

Assisting with Feature Film Development, Production and Financing





Producer & Executive Producer

Building a bridge between the USA and Europe I am a Managing Director and Producer of the Feature Film Production Company "Anna Karolina Heinrich Productions" based in California and Austria.


Using my contacts and experience associated with the entertainment business all over the world, I work with

EU Representative

Prince Frederic von Anhalt is one of the most well-known German personalities in Hollywood.


As his Manager / PR Agent, I am responsible for scheduling interviews, personal and public appearances and handling media inquiries


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Hollywood Film and Television Actor


As his EU Representative, I am responsible for scheduling interviews, appearances in Movies, TV Series, Shows, Festivals and European Theatres.


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international producers, actors and directors providing  them with the opportunity to connect  and work on various international movie co-productions.


As a Producer of numerous upcoming international feature film productions, I am responsible for finding the A-class European/American cast, award-winning movie directors and prestigious co-producers.


I am actively engaged in co-productions on a number of high quality movies and have a slate of films in various stages of development and production.


I also work as as a Producer Partner in an independent American Production Company "Four Stars International" based in California and New Zealand. The company focuses on producing feature fimls based on company's own scripts.


As an Executive Producer, I help raise finance, connect producers with interantional investors and provide assistance with feature film financing.




Feature Films - TV Films & Series - Online


EPP is an independent film and television production company with offices in Vienna (Austria) and Auckland (New Zealand). The company’s goal is to develop and produce high quality feature films, as well as television movies and series, and online media, that entertain, inspire, and where possible educate, audiences worldwide.

Richard Akel

Producer, Writer & Partner

Richard is a dual New Zealand-American citizen, a graduate of Auckland University in New Zealand (law), Cambridge University in England (Master of Law), and the Academy of Art University in San Francisco, CA (Master of Arts/Film & TV). Before becoming a producer, he was lawyer who practiced in NZ and the US. He is a NZ Army veteran who has also been involved in civil rights and the anti-apartheid movement. Richard is currently developing/producing the following feature films and television series: The Berlin Doctor, Sky Warriors, American Othello, A Grand Affair, Pirate Queen, Drone Assassin, Children of the Long White Cloud, and others.

Janny Hammond

Producer, Script Analyst & Partner

Janny is a dual New Zealand-American citizen, a graduate of Waikato University in New Zealand (Social Science), and Victoria University in New Zealand (Library Science). She is a supporter of civil rights, including women’s rights, and the HIV/AIDS community. Janny is the Executive Producer of the NZ indigenous film, Oku Moe Moea, and is involved in the development/production of The Berlin Doctor, American Othello, and others. She is also a script analyst, information services specialist, and the published author of two books, including a history of the NZ trade union movement (co-author with Bert Roth, who immigrated to NZ from Austria after WWII).

Anna Karolina Heinrich

Producer & Partner

Anna Karolina has experience working in international show business for many years. She was born and raised in Warsaw, Poland. After graduating from high school, she moved to Germany where she studied English and Russian language and literature at the University of Cologne and also gained initial experience in the media sector, including as a movie translator for German-Polish TV documentaries. After that she moved to Vienna where she worked as a journalist on television news programs and also as a researcher for several talk shows on Austria’s largest commercial television station (ATV). After working in television for several years, Anna launched her own Production Company "Anna Karolina Heinrich Produtions", became a Managing Director & Producer and manager of numerous celebrities. Anna is able to contribute her knowledge, contacts and experience associated with the entertainment business world wide.



Filmmaking is an expensive business, and the producer must secure enough money to make his film happen.


Making a picture it's not only about to bring the script to the screen but to produce the movie at the highest possible level.


As an Executive Producer, I have built relationships with numerous film financiers, film investment companies and powerful private investors across the globe.


Using my contacts and experience associated with the entertainment business, I am able to connect producers with interantional investors and provide assistance with feature film financing.


I am looking forward to receiving new feature film projects and building new relationships with producers, screenwriters and directors.


Please don't hesitate to contact me directly if you need assistance with financing your project.



MICHAEL NOURI - US Film and Television Actor


Michael Nouri is beginning his fifth decade in film, theatre and television. He recently co-produced and starred in the movie “The Squeeze” (2015), appeared in the critically acclaimed NBC miniseries “The Slap”, can be seen in the US TV series "Heartbeat", "Blue Bloods“ opposite Tom Selleck, as well as in an upcoming movie „Woman Walks Ahead“ (2017) starring Jessica Chastain, Discovery's excellent "Manhunt: Unabomber" (2017) opposite Chris Noth, TV series "Yellowstone"(2018) starring Cevin Costner and “The Assassination of Gianni Versace: American Crime Story” (2018) opposite Ricky Martin and Penelope Cruz.

MICHAEL NOURI Show Reel 2017

MICHAEL NOURI Foto Reel 2016

Podcast hosted by John Hammond



one of the most well-known German personalities in Hollywood

Prince Frederic von Anhalt is one of the most well-known German personalities in Hollywood.


He is a German-American celebrity best known as the last husband of late film actress Zsa Zsa Gabor.


In his early 40s, Prince Frederic decided to leave his German life behind and moved thousands of miles away from home to the City of Angels with the aim of making a Hollywood career.

In a very short period of time, he achieved great fame and he's become the most successful German in Hollywood.


Right from the beginning, Prince Frederic von Anhalt gained a world-wide reputation and a high position in upper class society.


He became best friends with the most famous Hollywood stars and American businessman.

Prince walks down the most prestigious red carpets, attends important gala celebrity events and became one of the most photographed public figures.


Prince Frederic von Anhalt visiting Germany for Christmas 2018

Katharina Bodmann Fotografie

FOTO: Sybill Schneider

"Bird Box" European Premiere in Berlin

with Sandra Bullock

Nov. 26. 2018 - Source:Getty Images Europe

Prince Frederic von Anhalt visiting Germany.

For the first time since his wife's (Zsa Zsa Gabor) death in 2016.



 Art Director & Creative Director

Andreas Jürgen Heinrich is a well-known Austrian Graphic Designer. He has gained his professional experience working for more than 25 years for numerous national and international publishing houses and advertising agencies. He's become one of the best creative directors in editorial design: advertising, book publishing, jewelery and fashion, culture and lifestyle, logo development, pharmaceutical industrie, medical sector and sports. After 15 years of experience as Art Director of the leading Austrian TV magazine "TV-Media" (NEWS Verlag) and as Creative Designer of the computer magazine "e-Media", Andreas Jürgen Heinrich is currently responsible for graphical presentations and graphic design for upcoming international movie projects.


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