"Anja's Christmas Miracle" (2019)

Family/Adventure/Mystery with live-ction and animation 90 min.


“Anja´s Christmas Miracle” is a heart-warming family adventure mystery movie based on the short story Anna Karolina Heinrich wrote and published on the iTunes Store and Google Play in 2014. In both languages, German and English, the book was downloaded several thousand times.


The movie resembles a Christmas Disney/Pixar classic hit and deals with how our dreams can come true, if we strongly believe and have the courage to pursue them.


It’s now been adapted to be longer in length, with scene settings, dialogues and visuals that resemble a Christmas classic box office hit.


Packed and stacked with all the Christmas atmosphere we dream of, songs like we love in Frozen, Shrek and other well-known movies, talking animals and numerous unexpected miracles.



Writer: Anna Karolina Heinrich


Language: English


Director: to be determined


Filming Location: to be determined


Producer: Anna Karolina Heinrich (USA/AT)


Co-Producers: to be determined


Animation Department: to be determined


Production Status: in Development

Michael Nouri