Drama USA/AT/CZR 2019, 118 min

Language: English


The story is about Ernst Gräfenberg, a German-Jewish doctor who was awarded two Iron Crosses for working as a medical officer during the First World War.

After the war he set up his practice in Berlin as a gynecologist and became head of the OB/GYN department at a Berlin hospital. Grafenberg was also a medical researcher who pioneered the first safe and effective IUD contraceptive device and discovered the erogenous female G-Spot.

When the Nazis came to power Gräfenberg, a Jew, was forced to resign as head of the department of gynaecology and obstetrics. He refused to leave Nazi Germany believing that since his practice included wives of high Nazi officials, he would be safe. He was wrong and was arrested for selling a valuable stamp from his stamp collection. Margaret Sanger, an American birth control advocate who was his friend, raised enough money in the US to pay a ransom to the Reich Government to free the doctor. Gräfenberg was able to immigrate to New York city before Hitler declared war on the USA, just in time to avoid the Holocaust.



Josefine Preuß

Director: Wolfgang Murnberger (AT)


Produced by: Richard Akel (USA), Anna Karolina Heinrich (USA/AT)

Ralf Zimmermann (DE), Josef Brandmaier (DE)


Local Producer: Daniel Severa, Daniel Severa Production (CZ).


Creative Director: Andreas Jurgen Heinrich (AT)

Wolfgang Murnberger

Bettina Zimmermann